7 Types of Plastics

Polyethylene Terephthalate

Food, beverage and household goods packaging e.g. water, soft drink, juices, sauces, peanut butter, cleaners, personal products and medicines. Recycled PETs can be used to manufacture many products, including soft items like fabrics for t-shirts, bags, and carpets

High Density

Used where a more rigid container is needed
e.g. large beverage jugs and bottles, detergents and bleach,
bottle caps


PVC is in thousands of household goods, from shoes to flooring tiles, electrical wiring, shower curtains, pipes, paints, gallon bottles.
Can be made flexible or very rigid

Low Density

Grocery bags, cling wrap and covers for containers such as margarine tubs


Sometimes translucent, often used in takeaway containers and food packaging e.g. yogourt and egg containers. Longerlasting than PETs, it can be found in household and office products such as Tupperware, furniture, small appliances such as kettles, pails, wastebaskets, folders, boxes, car parts such as filters, ropes. A hard plastic with a higher melting point than PETs. Thus it can be used to make dishwashersafe dishes, for example.


Styrofoam: Food packaging e.g. take-away boxes and egg cartons, beverage cups Polystyrene (non-foamed): electrical switches, appliance parts, plastic cutlery.

Any Other

cd’s, 5 gallon water bottles