School and Community

Plastikeep’s Primary School Environmental Programme was launched in September, 2012, to much accolade and enthusiasm. It consisted at that time of a modular curriculum to be taught alongside the existing Standards 1, 2 and 3 classes, once or twice a month, to inculcate environmental awareness along with relevant skills such as critical thinking, leadership and social responsibility

Currently, we are pilot testing hour long workshops in Standard 2 classes in several schools across the socio-economic ladder, which incorporate visual learning, as well as interactive games. Plastikeep officers can be scheduled to teach one of these workshops during the school term at the convenience of teachers.

Plastikeep Environmental Education Online!

If you are interested in accessing environmental education materials appropriate for students at both the primary and secondary level which you can incorporate into your classes, we can provide you with all the materials you will need! We can give you access to our online web portal, complete with lesson plan outlines, videos, power point presentations, sample activities and games all focusing on the environment including themes such as climate change, natural disasters, wildlife, ecosystems and of course, recycling!

View Screen Shot of Online Curriculum

Call Plastikeep to request a password for this secure resource.

Environmental Ambassadorship Programme
An approach to teaching post-primary students at a more sophisticated and participatory level is the Environmental Ambassadorship Programme (EAP). The EAP is an environmental programme educating secondary students about environmental problems and solutions. It identifies simple ways in which students can actively participate in the collective responsibilty of preserving the environment. The programme will expose students to the efforts of environmental groups and initiatives - to give students an insight into various environmental fields of work and foster an interest in sustainable practices and green jobs. Embedded into the programme is the goal to have participating students engage in promoting plastic recycling in their immediate community, and in so doing become Plastikeep Ambassadors. All activities are conducted with the advice and permission of the school. Each EAP runs for approximately eight weeks in each participating school.

Community Education
Plastikeep Officers work to disseminate the plastikeep message in communities within our catchment area through presentations and workshops. The goals of these presentations are to educate the public on the adverse effects on our health and the environment of the massive production and consumption of plastics worldwide; to encourage stakeholders to adopt the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) in their personal and professional lives; to engage and empower communities to act and to increase marketing and awareness of Plastikeep and its services.
If you are interested in any of these educational opportunities, please contact us for further details